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  PILA Foot Wash - Wall Mount / Single Supply  
    After a quiet stroll on the beach, the PILA Foot Wash will quickly rinse your feet before going inside the house. Made to match the lines of the Pila series, it is also constructed of stainless steel with 23 precision machined nozzles with a variable intensity control valve. This wall mount unit can be mounted on most any wall or vertical surface.
All 316 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel construction for outdoor durability.

     - Easy install wall mount brackets
     - Spray pattern optimized for foot wash and is
       different from the PILA Outdoor Shower
     - Available with White Plastic or Teak Handle
     - 316 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel
       construction and hardware for 
       durability and corrosion resistance
     - 1 inch diameter thick walled body.
     - Designed specifically for the outdoor
     - WOG rated stainless steel ball valve
     - Commercial Quality design and construction.
- Inlet sized for 3/4" pipe thread or use
       supplied stainless steel adapter for
       connection with standard garden hose.

  PLS1060: PILA Wall Mount Foot Wash  PILA Wall Mount Foot Wash - Shown with Custom Mounting  PLS1060 Product Highlights
Detailed Views (Click for Larger Image)

Beautifully hand welded and finished throughout with 316 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel.

Model: pls1060
Measurements: 22"H
Price: $539.00
(Shipping: $30)
White Plastic Handle: Ships in 5-7 days.
Teak Handle: Ships in 5-7 days.

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