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  TOREN Outdoor Shower - Wall Mount / Dual Supply (Hot/Cold) with Integrated Foot Wash  

  The TOREN series outdoor shower is characterized by its sleek, angular design, and anchored by the handmade Double-H stainless steel showerhead which measures 15" wide. Whether you are rinsing off the chlorine from the pool, or sand and debris from a stroll at the beach, the TOREN series is the perfect shower for your needs. This model also features a powerful foot wash. An adapter is included for connection with a standard garden hose. All 316 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel construction for outdoor durability.

     - Custom TOREN showerhead and integrated
       foot wash with independent controls.
     - Available with White Plastic or Teak Handle
     - 316 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel
       construction and hardware for 
       durability and corrosion resistance.
     - 1 inch diameter thick walled body.
     - Designed specifically for the outdoor
       environment; ideal for beach or pool.
     - 316 Stainless Steel WOG rated ball valves.
     - Mounts easily to most vertical surfaces.
     - Commercial quality design and construction.
     - Dual supply feed designed for connection to
       separate hot and cold water source. Can also
       be used in single source setup.
     - Inlet sized for 3/4" pipe thread or use supplied
       stainless steel adapter for connection with
       standard garden hose.

  TRS1260: TOREN Wall Mount / Dual Supply with Integrated Foot Wash Outdoor Shower  TRS1260: TOREN Showerhead  TRS1260: TOREN Close-Up  TOREN Outdoor Shower Product Highlights
Detailed Views (Click for Larger Image)

Beautifully hand welded and finished throughout with 316 Stainless Steel.

Model: trs1260
Measurements: 83"H
Price: $2339.00 (Shipping: $60)
White Plastic Handle: Ships in 5-7 days.
Teak Handle: Ships in 5-7 days.

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