Shipping Policy
Standard Ground Shipping (Continental U.S.A. - 48 States) Our standard ground shipping covers shipments within the continental United States. Lead times are listed with each item under "Availability" and is constantly updated to reflect the latest status of each item. This is the expected lead time once an item is placed.

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska Shipping costs are higher to Hawaii and Alaska. We use UPS or FEDEX Ground for these destinations and shipping time is approximately 6 business days. Please contact us for more details.

International Shipping (Canada) Our standard shipping to Canada is through UPS or FEDEX International Ground. Transit time to most destinations is 7+ business days. Canadian and International customers are responsible for all taxes, duties, and customs fees. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

Order Tracking An email confirmation is sent with all online orders. For shipments sent via FEDEX or UPS, a confirmation email with tracking information will be sent via email.

Transit Time for Ground Shipments (Continental U.S.A. - 48 States) Typical transit time for ground shipping is 2-5 days within the Continental U.S.A.

Please note we insure our shipments and signature is required for delivery. This cannot be waived.